CSP and PV Technologies

Our solar works by focusing the sun’s rays to heat up nitrogen to a high temperature, storing that heat in an insulated chamber filled with pebbles, and using that heat to drive a turbo-generator.

The range of output powers can be as low as 150 kWe, or as high as hundreds of megawatts. The flexible output means that the generator can meet the local demand, as long as the sun shone the previous day. It is able to supply customers with solar power 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, as long as the sun shines each day.

Smaller systems up to 10 MW electrical output use Organic Rankine Cycle turbogenerators. More than 10 MW, steam turbogenerators are used to generate power.

IVER is capable of providing high efficiency solar panels that can reach a conversion rate of 19%. These high quality crystalline panels can provide more power per square meter than conventional PV panels at a relatively similar cost.