Batch and Continuous Gasification Systems

The gasification technology is a two-stage thermal gasifier that turns solid waste into hot, flammable gases and then adds air to burn the gases cleanly and efficiently. This process provides environmentally safer and more complete burnout of the hot flue gases, air-born particles and bottom ash than attempting to burn the solid waste directly as would be the case in a waste

This gasification technology is designed to give the best environmental results possible in the absence of a separate air emissions control system (which will be added later). Each CGSTM process train will consist of two vertical reaction chamber s – a large Primary Gasification Chamber and a smaller
Secondary Combustion Chamber.

The Primary Combustion Chamber will have an innovative three-step, V-shaped hearth to facilitate complete gasification of the volatile portion of the waste.
As an example, if we assume input figures of 500tpd with a capacity of 16MW, the estimated annual output is some 127,742 MWh. If we divide that by our 330 operational days i.e. 90% capacity to allow for scheduled preventative maintenance, we get 387 MWh or 387, 000 KWh net per day of sellable electricity volume from the gasifier.


Our Hi-tech ‘Combined Heat and Power ’ (CHP) WtE plant produces both electricity and thermal energy. For each 1 MW of electricity each plant produces, there is approximately 5 times that of thermal energy generated. We therefore have masses of energy to supply into the grid and sell/partner with industries that can utilize our thermal energy to reduce their own operational costs.